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Yours if you want it – a free Air Malta discount code for 25% off flights

MaltaPoints has diligently entered the Air Malta World Cup competition day-after-day, and therefore has earned a large number of 25% off Air Malta discount codes.

world cup

While, as we have mentioned before, the Air Malta discount codes are all the same, we did not want to undermine Air Malta’s efforts by releasing the code. However, we are prepared to give the code out as many times as we have won it. (more…)

Air Malta promotional code – 5% off flights

Courtesy of the Malta Comics Expo 2014, Air Malta have just released a discount code for 5% off all flights (except those to/from Turkey).

Air Malta promotional code

As you can see from the graphic above, the discount code is QBEHSBLCCS.

The travel period is also displayed in the image above, and is fairly limited (i.e. to largely coincide with the Expo).

In addition, the promotional code is not as generous as the 25% code you will get for participating in the Air Malta World Cup game (which also has a much wider redemption window), but if this Air Malta promotional code is not available to you, it’s a worthwhile saving on any flight taken in late October/early November.

Air Malta discount code – 25% off any Air Malta flight

Air Malta is currently running a World Cup competition that offers 10% off a flight to all participants, and 25% off a flight to those who correctly predict the result of one of the many World Cup games about to take place.

air malta discount code

The reason our headline so boldly states that you are going to get the Air Malta discount code for 25% off is because, if you participate in this competition properly, you are almost statistically certain to get the 25% off (indeed, it would be more difficult not to get it). (more…)

Finally – an Air Malta discount code

I have previously written about the mysterious “coupon code” box, which appears next to your online booking with Air Malta. The obvious issue with it is that no code has ever been made available.

air malta discount code

I am pleased to say that has now changed, and an Air Malta discount code for 10% off flights has been released. (more…)



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