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Air Malta discount code – 25% off any Air Malta flight

Air Malta is currently running a World Cup competition that offers 10% off a flight to all participants, and 25% off a flight to those who correctly predict the result of one of the many World Cup games about to take place.

air malta discount code

The reason our headline so boldly states that you are going to get the Air Malta discount code for 25% off is because, if you participate in this competition properly, you are almost statistically certain to get the 25% off (indeed, it would be more difficult not to get it).

You don’t have to get the score right to win: just predict whether the match will be a win for Team A, Team B or a draw. So for tonight, for example, I have selected Brazil. If they win, I get my 25% off code. If they don’t, the odds are hugely stacked in my favour that I can get this prediction right for one of the many other World Cup games!

I understand the discount code will be emailed to you when you qualify for it.

The competition also includes a draw to win two free flights to an Air Malta destination of your choice – you just predict the World Cup winner, and a draw will be made from the correct participants.

The 10%/25% vouchers can be used on purchases made between 16 June and 13 July 2014, for travel between 1 July and 31 October 2014. Flights to Libya, Algiers and Istanbul are excluded from the discount.


  1. Peter Cabus says:

    Can you get multiple codes?
    BTW. Is the news subscription not working anymore? I haven’t had updates although I registered.

    • maltapoints says:

      Good question – I have absolutely no idea if you can get more than one code. I have now got my code from the Brazil prediction and will try again (it’s been a busy weekend so haven’t had the chance to do any more), and see if I get more…

      News subscription should be working – do you mean that you’re an email subscriber and haven’t had anything through? I will look into it.

  2. Peter Cabus says:

    I used to get the updates but it stopped. Don’t remember when exactly. Anyway also not received any mail about the world cup promo although i participated last Friday. But that ia something for ait malta to sort out:-)

  3. maltapoints says:

    Peter – 25% off code can be used multiple times. In fact, it’s the same code for all winners, so anyone can use it, provided they have the code. I’m about to do an update post.

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