Air Malta – 25% off flights to/from Germany

It’s already had a pop at Turkish Airlines with its “50% off flights to Istanbul” offer this year. Now Air Malta appears to be targeting Lufthansa’s substantial Maltese operations.


Air Malta is currently running what appears to be an offer of 25% off flights to and from Germany (and we have a successful price quote to prove it: see below). The problem is the offer is entirely in German and i) we don’t speak German ii) the offer page is a picture, so the text cannot be copied and pasted into Google Translate.

At least English and German shares a common ancestry, and on that basis we have managed to work out the following:

  • You need to book by 9 February 2014
  • Fly from now until 31 March 2014
  • There are plenty more terms and conditions which are likely to be fairly benign (they usually are), but we can’t work them out.

Importantly, we did a dummy booking on a return flight from Malta to Berlin in February, and sure enough a full 25% discount was applied to the fare. So, whether you can speak German or not, if a discounted flight to or from Germany appeals, now is probably a good time to see what’s available.

Gute reise!

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