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Miles&More – bonus points offer

Lufthansa’s Miles&More is currently offering a 20% bonus on points bought during March.

I am never a big promoter of purchasing miles, even with a bonus offer (and 20% extra is not the most generous).

However, if you can combine a 20% bonus purchase with one of Lufthansa’s March points redemption offers on flights from Malta, you could get an excellent deal.

By way of example, you can currently buy a maximum of 20,000 miles for €475 – with the 20% bonus you will therefore get 24,000 miles. Amongst many other offers, M&M’s March redemption offers allow you to fly return from Malta to New York (economy) for 30,000 miles (was 60,000) and to Abu Dhabi (business class) for 40,000 miles (was 70,000 miles). So whether you have a small or enormous number of M&M miles stored up, there are options for you.

In addition, for those with next to no miles stored up, the March redemption offers provide several ways of getting a return flight to certain destinations (inc. Doha, Kuwait and Tunis) for 25,000 points (discounted from 40,000).

The key bit of smallprint is that the 20% bonus on purchases is only available in March, while the March redemption offers are only for travel between 8 March and 16 April 2013.

Reward flights are always subject to availability, so I strongly recommend you check with Lufthansa that your reward flight is available on the dates you want to fly, before you buy any miles.

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