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1.51% cashback on Monarch flights to Malta

In addition to cashback on Lufthansa flights, which I have already written about, you can also get 1.51% cashback on Monarch flights (including to and from Malta) with topcashback.

Monarch flies to Malta from various UK locations, principally over the summer, and offers some reasonable value flights (a June 2013 return from London Gatwick currently starts at £165) : it’s easy to forget about Monarch with Ryanair and Easyjet leading the budget field, but it offers a relatively pleasant experience, essentially styling itself as a high-end budget airline. It even has a frequent flyer programme (Vantage Club) which I ignore completely as you need to have taken at least 2 return flights in the preceding 12 months to be eligible for membership (and there are not really any clever ways of earning points, other than through taking flights).

Technically you need to be UK based in order to open a topcashback account. However, for those based in Malta, you can use Paypal (or even an Amazon gift certificate) as your method of receiving payment, so this may enable you to make use of this site. Failing that, you need to have the money paid into a (very) trusted friend or relative in the UK.

As a general point, cashback sites are excellent, because they are usually extra money off the best available rates/deals anyway, and topcashback does not cost you a penny. You should put all your UK online shopping through topcashback, where possible.

If you do wish to join topcashback, Maltapoints would be very grateful if you could use our affiliate link to do so: you get exactly the same deal (we only ever recommend the best deals for you), and we get paid £10 by topcashback once you have earned £10 in cashback. As an operation, Maltapoints does not make any money, and we can assure you that your £10 will be sunk straight into the website’s running costs.

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