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Carrefour – earning 500 bonus Flypass KMiles on your shopping

I generally find that LIDL offers the best value on large grocery shops in Malta.

However, the Carrefour franchise supermarkets can offer reasonable value. In addition, they often have a wider range of items available than LIDL and, crucially for the purposes of this website, offer loyalty points.

The reason for this post is to alert you to the fact that it is well worth letting your shopping list build up before going to Carrefour, and then doing a big shop in one go to take advantage of their bonus GS loyalty points.

When you spend €100 or more at Carrefour, you get 700 bonus points, plus the 100 (or more) points for your shopping. Assuming you spend exactly €100, those 800 GS points are equivalent to 400 KMiles (2 GS points are worth 1 KMile).

Plus, do your shopping on a KMiles-earning card, and you will get another 100 KMiles (although remember that from 31 May, BOV credit cards no longer earn KMiles).

So that’s 500 bonus KMiles on a €100 spend (plus €100-worth of shopping, of course!)

Carrefour franchise supermarkets are as follows:

– GS Superstore, Naxxar

– Lasco Supermarket, Zejtun

– Shoppers Discount Supermarket, Mellieha

– Shopwise Discount Store, Qormi

– Park Towers Supermarket, St Julians

– Tower Supermarket, Sliema

– Park Towers Supermarket, Sta Venera

– Trolees Supermarket, Qawra

Note that Carrefour’s online service, Maltasupermarket.com, does not offer GS points so is not an option here.

GS point conversion to KMiles must be done through GS customer care, not Flypass. You can convert by calling them on 21345586 (I have found them to be extremely helpful). You will need your loyalty point card number (on the back, next to the barcode), and your Flypass membership number.

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