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Bank of Valletta credit card – FINAL DAY to convert to KMiles

If you have a BOV Gold, Platinum or Flypass credit card, this is a very important post for you. Today is the last day that you can convert your BOV Loyalty Reward Points to KMiles.

After today, the conversion rate for flights changes to a pitiful “€45 off a flight” per 20,000 points (essentially “spend €20,000, get €45 flight credit”: not good enough BOV). Don’t be fooled by BOV’s marketing spin on this – “now you can spend your points on any airline” – the €45 credit offered is miserly, and compares very badly to the 20,000 KMiles you would previously have earned (approximate value €120).

Certainly this change is enough for me to stop using the BOV Flypass credit card and look elsewere (most likely Banif).

You can convert BOV points in blocks of 5000 by calling BOV customer services on 2131 2020. I strongly recommend that you do this while you still can (i.e. today). Yes Flypass is not the best frequent flyer programme in the world, but I can assure you that these points are better value converted to KMiles than using them on the flight credit, applied as of tomorrow.

A likely end game too, of course, is that these KMiles will ultimately become Lufthansa Miles&More points. That will make them even better value.

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