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Return journey from Luton Airport to central London for £7 (save £16.50)

Perhaps against its better judgement, Maltapoints actually promoted Ryanair yesterday.

To supplement that, here’s an offer on train travel to/from one of Ryanair’s favourite destinations from MLA, Luton airport.

A return from Luton Airport to London St Pancras normally costs £23.50. A single is £13.50.

However, if you use this link, you will be emailed a code for £10 off an East Midlands train journey (the train company that travels to Luton airport). Use that on a return and you will get the price down to £13.50. However, the best approach is to get the code twice (by applying for it twice and submitting two different email addresses) and then using the £10 discount on a £13.50 single each way, making the price a mere £3.50 each way.

If you are flying Ryanair to Luton, this is a great way to keep the additional travel cost to and from the airport down.

The code needs to be used by 31 July, for trips up to 31 October.

(Thanks to Raffles at Headforpoints for spotting this one.)

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