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Virtu ferries – special offer on return tickets to Sicily this July/August

We recently (and somewhat reluctantly) posted about Ryanair generally offering best value on trips to Sicily, all things considered.

Hot on the heels of this post, however, comes a quite heavily-conditioned offer from Virtu ferries. It relates to passenger fees only, so if you want to take a car you still have to pay the additional, eye-watering, €189 return just for the car.

In short, Virtu ferries are offering passenger return tickets to Pozzallo at a reduced rate of €80, down from €146.

They are strictly limited in number, and offered on a “first come, first served” basis, so there’s no guarantee you will get the reduced rate (but obviously you can attempt a booking, and not proceed with it if you don’t get the reduced rate).

Only the following Pozzallo return voyages in July/August are eligible (sailing at any time on the day if no time specified):

  • Depart on Tues, return on Thurs at 2130/Sun at 1430
  • Depart on Thurs, return on Sunday at 1430
  • Depart Thurs return Tues
  • All day trips on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Credit to Virtu ferries for providing this offer during peak season, despite the fairly limited availability and schedule.

A return to Pozzallo at €80 is still not the cheapest, but it is a lot better than €146 – as you can see, there are some reasonable days/times available that enable you to make a long weekend of it with these reduced prices. If you take the car, it becomes an expensive trip, as car tickets are not on offer, but it’s still considerably less expensive than if you were also paying full rate for passengers!



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