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15,000 M&M points for €111 ($150) – an update

Further to my post yesterday, I can confirm that in order to benefit from 15,000 bonus M&M points (when you subscribe to the international NY Times for as little as €111), you only need to take out a six month subscription.

I have spoken to both Miles&More and the international NY Times help desk, who have confirmed that the term stating that a 12 month subscription is required is in fact a typo.

It’s important to remember with this offer that even where you take the €111 Thailand delivery option, you should still get full digital access. So there’s value for your €111 beyond simply some cheap M&M points.

[Update: see comments for a legitimate Thailand address for all]


  1. David says:

    You’re welcome to use one of our Thailand office addresses. We would like some newspapers coming in for clients to read.


  2. JAG says:

    Hello! I would like to participate in this offer, and to begin my accumulation of M&M miles, and sincerely appreciate your coverage of this deal. Perhaps you might have a suggestion on how to solve what appears to be a conundrum – I have no M&M miles yet but apparently need ONE mile before I can get a PIN which is needed to participate in offers such as this? Any simple ways to get that “first mile”? Thanks, Jeff.

  3. Vik says:

    Can you purchase more than one subscription?

    • maltapoints says:

      Assuming you mean to benefit from further slugs of 15,000 miles, unfortunately not – per terms and conditions: “No award miles will be credited to the same miles & more number within 12 months, even if delivery addresses or subscriber’s details are different.”

  4. Miro says:

    Ordered INYT subscription to the above mentioned Thai address, delivery started on 13/1/2014, e-subscription a day or two before that, but miles still not posted… a bit worried…

    • maltapoints says:

      I have spoken to a number of people who have ordered the subscription to Thailand, with the miles following a few days later – so I’d wait a few days before getting too concerned.

      A key point, of course, is that at no point were you in breach of the correct terms and conditions, so even if this needs follow up with M&M, you’ve got nothing to hide.

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