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Air Malta – first Venice, now Parma

Following on from the announcement of flights to Venice, Air Malta is to starting flying to Parma from 2 June 2014.


It will be the first time Parma has been flown to from Malta (we understand), and makes for an interesting new route given Parma’s small size and relative obscurity. Ryanair also flies directly from Malta to nearby Bologna, a much better known destination.

As with Venice, the route starts on 2 June, with flights every Monday & Thursday.  Currently, the price for the inaugural flight (returning the following week) is a very reasonable €97.46.

With two new Air Malta routes, and Vueling entering the Malta to Italy market, this summer seems so be quite heavily focused on better links between Malta and Italy.

While I have visited Bologna and nearby San Marino, I’ve never been to Parma. If you have any travel tips, recommendations etc relating to it, feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Try tasting balsamico traditionale and seeing how the Parmesan cheese is made. We also loved the interior of the baptistry.

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