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2000 easy Marriott Reward points a month, for 6 months (can become 2000 airline miles)

Both Doctor of Credit and Headforpoints have recently featured a method by which you can earn 2000 Marriott Rewards points per month, for the next 6 months (i.e. up to 12,000 points).


You can redeem 10,000 points for, among many others, 2000 Avios (i.e. 10% of the points needed for a BA UK-Malta return) or AAdvantage points. I was initially a bit sceptical of this offer, as it seemed like a fair old effort for the reward. If you boil it down to basics though, it’s not bad at all.

You can sign up for Marriott Rewards here. Be sure to put your earning preference as “points” and not “miles”, or you will not benefit from this offer. The points redemption chart is here.

The link to the offer is here. You then need to “follow” 8 hotels on Twitter, wait for the points to post (250 each, to a maximum of 2000 points every 30 days), then unfollow them. Then, 31 days later, just follow them again.

Alternatively, you can just “like” 8 hotels on facebook, wait for the points to post, then “unlike” them. Then, 31 days later, like them again.

It took me sometime to locate the exact Twitter name for some of the hotels, so here’s 8 Twitter names you can instantly type in to follow:

  • @marriottcm
  • @mhmarquisnyc
  • @marriottnola
  • @mysticmarriott
  • @irvinemarriott
  • @anaheimmarriott
  • @rendallashotel
  • @renaissanceaus

Facebook is much easier – just select 8 hotels from Doctor of Credit’s helpful list and type the name in as written. I elected for Twitter over Facebook as I don’t want all my friends querying why I’ve become an unbridled Marriott junkie over the next six months.

I hope it was obvious from the outset, but thanks go to Doctor of Credit and Headforpoints for this one.


  1. Thanks for the link, much appreciated! I’d recommend people create an additional twitter & facebook account to do these deals in the future. That way there is no need to anger your friends.

    It’s also looks like it might be possible to get more than 2,000 points in a month. Stay tuned!

  2. Gary says:

    The twitter option is not clickable. Only the facebook option. Is it dead?

    • maltapoints says:

      Odd one this – I had a similar problem, but when I linked to Facebook it then allowed me to link to Twitter. If you want to just use Twitter, then I think you’ll have to link both (i.e. Facebook first), and then just not use the Facebook account for it.

  3. LoLo says:

    Can you do Facebook AND Twitter and earn double?

    • maltapoints says:

      Probably not. Per the terms and conditions, the points are capped at 2000 a month max, although there have been reports of people getting more.

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