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200 Etihad Guest miles per hotel review

Holidaycheck is a holiday review site, very similar in concept to the better known Tripadvisor.

Etihad Guest

Unlike Tripadvisor, however, it actually rewards you for posting hotel reviews.

Per hotel review, you you can currently earn:

  • 100 Miles&More miles;
  • 150 Airberlin Topbonus miles;
  • 150 PINS (Air Baltic’s frequent flyer currency); or
  • 200 Etihad Guest miles.

Per the picture above, the Etihad Guest rate is a “special offer”, which applies to all hotel reviews until 15 July 2014. After that it will revert to the 150 mile rate.

You can even choose to do a “basic review” (as opposed to a “detailed review”) and still get the miles, so this is not particularly time consuming. Just be sure to enter your frequent flyer number when prompted at the end of the review (although if you forget, you can still get the miles added retrospectively by emailing them, which is good service from them).


  1. They require proof of stay which IMO makes this deal not worth it due to the extra time involved.

    • maltapoints says:

      Point taken, but what I’ve found with HolidayCheck is that they ask you for proof once (and all you need to is forward your emailed booking confirmation), and then they’ll let you review several additional hotels without the need for proof.

      Frankly I think the “proof of stay” requirement is fair enough – TripAdvisor has come in for a lot of criticism for fake reviews, and HolidayCheck are simply policing this.

  2. berbers says:

    i entered about 12 or so reviews from hotels i visited past few years but so far I not see any acceptance nor do I see any point added in Etihad, although the Etihad invitation said we will add the immediately to your miles. Looks like a scam more than a serious request for reviews, so i lost bout 3 hours for the review. Pity time.

    • maltapoints says:

      It takes a little while for the points to be added – if they haven’t posted in a couple of weeks then I would follow up with HolidayCheck. I have found their customer service to be pretty good.

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