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Two easy sign ups for free hotel elite status

I always sign up for promotions offering elite status for hotel loyalty programmes as soon as they appear. While you may have no immediate plans to stay at the hotel in question, you simply never know when they may come in useful.

free hotel elite status

I have lost count of the number of perks I’ve received while staying at hotels by virtue of my status, and almost without fail this status has been awarded simply by signing up through the correct link.

With that in mind, fellow BoardingArea website View From the Wing has been on “free hotel elite status overdrive” of late. It has managed to source links to free and instant “Silver Elite” status with Marriott Rewards and “Voyager” status with Langham hotels.

Edit: it seems that the Marriott offer now specifically requires sign up with a work email, so you will need to be a legitimate employee of the company in question to benefit.

Instructions are as follows:

Marriott Rewards silver status

You technically need to be an employee of a select number of companies to benefit from this, but in reality all you need to do is sign up with that company’s link.

So, for example, you can sign up as a (real or would be) Fedex employee here,  Accenture here or Miocrosoft here.

The benefits of Silver status are set out in full here.

If you already have a Marriott Rewards account without status, you can (apparently) sign up with a new email address and then email them asking to merge the accounts. I have not done this however, so cannot guarantee it will work.

Langham hotels Voyager status


This one is technically limited to holders of Visa Infinite cards and members of HSBC Premier, but seems to be working fine for all. Simply sign up via this link and then enter the code 453826123 into the box at the top. You will see the status change from ‘Explorer’ to ‘Voyager’.

The benefits of Voyager status are set out in full here.


  1. krazymunky says:

    need appropriate work emails to work for marriot sign up

    • maltapoints says:

      Yes it seems that this offer has been restricted. I imagine that with all the blog exposure it’s had of late, Marriott are tightening the rules up. Will flag on an edit.

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