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UK to Zurich – Business class flights at £136 (£60 economy)

Swiss airlines has just announced a special offer on “new business class fares”. The results are pretty good, and the discounted fares extend to economy class too.

cheap business class flights

While the special offer talks about business class fares starting at £149, we found them as low as £136.

Example of currently available fares (we have checked) in September 2014 include:

  • Birmingham-Zurich at £136 each way (£60 economy)
  • Manchester-Zurich at £148 each way (£67 economy)
  • Heathrow-Zurich at £167 each way (£75 economy)
  • London City-Zurich at £171 each way (£73 economy)

It’s not a long flight, but for the hardened business class traveller, a return business class fare from the UK to Zurich at £272 (£334 from London) is good value. Likewise if you’re a more budget-minded traveller, a £120 economy return with a quality airline is impressive.

Other Swiss destinations are also included in the special offer, we just use Zurich for example purposes. Also, as Raffles notes in the comments, it’s well worth looking at potential BA alternatives.

Swiss business class includes separate check-in, lounge access, priority boarding, a substantially increased baggage allowance (64kg up from 23kg) and “culinary delights” (their words).

Swiss is also a member of Lufthansa’s Miles&More frequent flyer programme, so make sure you earn miles on all flights with them. On the above business class tickets, you’ll earn 750 miles in each direction.


  1. Raffles says:

    BA price is £330 with a Sat night (£300 from City Airport) to Zurich so not totally won over!

  2. Raffles says:

    Different story if these can be bought one way or do not need a Saturday night, of course

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