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IHG Rewards Club – 2000 free points for new joiners

It is generally in the interest of any seasoned value traveller to be a member of most (if not all) available hotel loyalty schemes. Whether it’s perks on your stay, bonus loyalty point offers or priority access to sales etc, the benefits even at the lowest status can add up.

ihg rewards points

However, we would also caution against an immediate blanket application to every loyalty scheme. The reason for this is that hotel loyalty schemes will periodically run bonuses where new joiners get bonus points or an enhanced status level for signing up: offers not applicable to existing members. So, unless you are about to stay at a particular hotel, it’s worth holding off until a sign-up bonus appears.

Once such bonus is currently available with IHG Rewards, the loyalty programme of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, which is offering 2000 bonus points to new members who sign up on or before 7 December 2014.

Importantly, you technically need to be a resident of the USA or Canada to benefit from the 2000 points bonus. However, it’s very easy to change your address details, so there is nothing to stop you signing up with a US address and then changing it to a non-US address once the bonus points have posted:

ihg rewards points

As a related aside, we recently posted how new members of Hilton HHonors can get instant Silver (and fast-track Gold) status.


  1. Joe says:

    Do we still get 2k bonus if we sign up using the Accenture link?

    • euflyer says:

      The IHG link in the post gets you 2000 free points on sign up. The Accenture link at the bottom of the post is for Hilton HHonors, and will get you instant silver status in HHonors – an entirely different scheme.

      So yes – sign up for both and you’ll have and IHG Rewards account with 2000 free points in it, and Hilton HHonors Silver status (+ a fast-track Gold opportunity).

      I think that answers your question – apologies if there’s some other IHG Accenture link I’m missing!

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