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IHG hotels (InterContinental etc) – at least 50,000 bonus IHG Rewards points

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) today launched its first 2015 promo, “Set Your Sights”. In short, it offers its loyalty programme, IHG Rewards Club, members the opportunity to earn at least 50,000 bonus IHG Rewards Club points.

ihg rewards uk

Registration for the promotion began today, at this link. Having registered, you will be presented with a series of personalised “tasks” related to IHG hotel stays. Each one will give you a set number of bonus points: complete all of them and you will earn an additional bonus that will whack your haul up to a minimum of 50,000 bonus points.

Importantly, while you can register today, each task must be completed between 1 January 2015 and 30 April 2015. So by all means register now, but your activity won’t count until the New Year.

What are the tasks? 

This is a personalised promotion, and the tasks obviously vary from person to person. It’s a hard-nosed, capitalist world out there, so you’ll generally find that the loyal IHG stayers get a pretty demanding challenge, while IHG-dodgers get bonus points thrown at them for doing very little.

My tasks are as follows:


While the 5 night stay requirement for 8400 is, by itself, not particularly appealing, if I can nail the other two (relatively easy) tasks to secure the handful of points for them, plus the 39,000 point bonus, then – depending of course on the rates I can secure – it’s quite appealing. As such, I’ll probably be tailoring my trips towards IHG in the early part of 2015: we’ll see how the other hotel chains respond …

What will 50,000 IHG Rewards points get you?

At the top end, 50,000 points will get you a night in a luxury InterContinental hotel, such as IHG Rewards UK’s exclusive Park Lane property:

ihg rewards uk

At the lower end of the scale, the Holiday Inn Wembley is an impressively low 10,000 points a night, so that’s 5 nights within touching distance of Central London:

ihg rewards uk

Finally, those in search of some serious value could use 50,000 points for 10 nights at IHG hotels, using the legendary IHG PointBreaks, where certain hotels are discounted to just 5000 points a night. We write more about PointBreaks here.


  1. dan luttrell says:

    Your offer is a huge blessing. I have to stay 20 nights for 14,000 plus a bunch of other stuff I could never hit. I guess a super loyal IHG client they figured that since I didn’t meet the 19 night on the into the night promo that I should be punished with 20 on this one. I have news for IHG my loyalty is leaving.

    • euflyer says:

      Indeed Dan, you’re not the only loyal IHG stayer to feel this way as I allude to in the post.

      My hotel of choice is very much Hilton, and I am duly rewarded by IHG (!) for this with a decent bonus here. A slightly bizarre sense of priority, but I suppose successful with me in the sense that I will now consider IHG.

      But riding roughshod over loyal customers like you is short-sighted.

  2. AndyTLe says:

    This is crap for next year… Allows me to pivot to another brand for 2015.

    60,200: Total Bonus Points

    5,000: Stay Once
    15,600: Stay 10 Nights
    9.600: Stay 4 weekends, Saturday night and another night
    5,000: Book mini-vacation package at Holiday Inn Club Vacations
    5,000: Books 2 night minimum at The Venetian or The Palazzo
    2,000: Apply for IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card
    3,000: Book 1 Bonus Points Package
    15,000: Complete 6 of 7 of the above.

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