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…and another 750 free Avios

We have for some time alerted our readers to the 1500 free bonus Avios that can be earned by signing up to e-Rewards and completing just one survey with both BA Executive Club and Avios.com.

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The good news is, the 750 free Avios has now extended to Iberia Plus. You simply need to sign up to e-Rewards via this link and complete (or get screened out of) one survey. If you’re not already a member of Iberia Plus, you can sign up here.

Please note that e-Rewards does not restrict you on the number of accounts you can have, but you will need to use a different email address for each different account.

So that’s a total of 2250 free bonus Avios if you pocket the e-Rewards sign-up bonus for BA, Avios and Iberia.

Should I continue with e-Rewards for further surveys, after the bonus?

While the e-Rewards sign up bonuses are a very good way to earn free miles and points, whether you then stick with e-Rewards to earn further points is up to you. You can earn a lot of points, of course, but then you are spending time filling in surveys to get the points.

Don’t lose sight of the added benefit to this bonus…

However, there’s also an added advantage to this additional promotion that is not obvious. Iberia Plus can often be a great way of redeeming your Avios, as the tax is generally lower than BA, and they do quite regular redemption promotions. However, you cannot move Avios into your Iberia Plus account (i.e. transfer them from BA) until 90 days after you have opened the account and until you’ve earned Avios points in that Iberia Plus account. This exercise will obviously earn you  those Avios points.

For details of all the current free airline miles and hotel points currently available, please have a look at our dedicated page, where you can earn over 25,000 free miles and points.

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