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20% off Iberia flights to Latin America, 10% off flights to Spain

Iberia has launched a “flash sale” promo code for flights from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to Latin America and Spain.

iberia promo code 2015

To benefit from the discount, you need to book your flight today or tomorrow (so 16 or 17 June, 2015) and depart before 17 July. The discount code only applies to return flights, operated by Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum.

The promo codes are as follows: (more…)

Up to 4,000 bonus Avios on UK departure flights

Until 14 July 2015, British Airways and Iberia are offering up to 4,000 bonus Avios when you take a return flight departing from most British airports.

free avios

You need to be a UK resident to qualify, and must register here. Subject to the terms and conditions (below), you will then collect:

  • 4,000 bonus Avios on any British Airways-operated long haul service.
  • 500 bonus Avios on any British Airways-operated short haul service plus Iberia and Iberia Express services to Madrid, Tenerife North, Las Palmas and Palma de Mallorca.


10% off all Iberia flights from Europe to Spain

Via its frequent flyer programme, Iberia Plus (free to join, here), Iberia is currently offering 10% off all flights from Europe to Spain.

iberia plus card


To benefit from the discount, you need to sign in to your Iberia Plus account before you start your search for flights.

The 10% discount applies to flights booked up to 18 February, for travel from 18 February to 21 March 2015. (more…)

25% discount on reward flights with Iberia Express

Iberia Express, the short-haul sister company of Iberia (and of course BA and Vueling) has launched a number of new European routes. As an introductory deal, it is offering 25% off the number of Avios required on these routes if you book by 26 February, and travel between 29 March and 15 July 2015.

iberia avios

The new (and therefore discounted) routes are as follows:


…and another 750 free Avios

We have for some time alerted our readers to the 1500 free bonus Avios that can be earned by signing up to e-Rewards and completing just one survey with both BA Executive Club and Avios.com.

free avios points

The good news is, the 750 free Avios has now extended to Iberia Plus. You simply need to sign up to e-Rewards via this link and complete (or get screened out of) one survey. If you’re not already a member of Iberia Plus, you can sign up here.

Please note that e-Rewards does not restrict you on the number of accounts you can have, but you will need to use a different email address for each different account.

So that’s a total of 2250 free bonus Avios if you pocket the e-Rewards sign-up bonus for BA, Avios and Iberia.


Some discounted wine for Christmas – and 500/1000 bonus Avios

The generally well reviewed Rioja Finca Valpierre Reserva 2009 is currently on offer at £50 for 6 bottles with online wine retailer vinoseleccion.


It also comes with a bonus of 500 Avios. You need to be a member of Iberia Plus to collect the points, which anyone can join for free, here.

You’ll also get free delivery, albeit to mainland UK addresses only.


50% off long haul Business Class Avios redemptions – inc. Europe to USA

We touched on the Iberia Plus Avios 50% off sale yesterday, but in the focus on the BA element of this sale (50% off and £1 tax caps), we feel a lot of people overlooked the Iberia Plus offer, which provides potentially great value.


Unlike the BA 50% off redemption sale, the Iberia Plus sale applies to both Economy and Business Class. Business Class redemption flights invariably give you better value for your miles and, just as crucially, Avios redemptions on Iberia Plus attract substantially less taxes and fees than Avios redemptions on BA.


British Airways sale – £1 tax on flights (inc. Malta) and 50% off Avios redemptions

British Airways has just launched two impressive sales on its Avios reward flights from London: £1 taxes, and 50% off redemptions. They are joined on the 50% off promotion by Iberia.


The first is a reduction of the Reward Flight Saver (the capped £35 fee for Avios redemption flights) from £35 per return flight to just £1 to certain destinations.

The second is a reduction in the number of Avios needed to book a reward flight by 50% or 25%. British Airways sister company Iberia has also joined this sale, as set out below. (more…)

Discount redemption flights with Iberia – until 31 August

As the sister airline of British Airways, Iberia also uses Avios as its frequent flyer currency. It also offers regular discounts on the number of Avios needed to fly with it.

iberia plus

Iberia is currently offering a sale on certain redemption flights (i.e. flights paid for with Avios), with discounts of 20-30% on the number of Avios you need to book these flights.

The deals are pretty good, and include flights between Madrid and Istanbul at 8,000 Avios, and Madrid and Bostin at 14,000 Avios.

Flights available are as follows: (more…)

50 free Avios points (with a fringe benefit…)

If you’d like some quick, easy and free Avios, there’s 50 available here through Iberia Plus.

free avios

Simply click on the link (or scroll through) to “The Great Avios Conquest”. The answers to the four questions are “My Shoes”, “La Panza es Primero”, “All of the above” and “Cash card”.

50 Avios won’t get you far, but, provided they don’t take too long, I find that harvesting these free Avios (or any other relevant points) bonuses as and when they come along is a useful balance booster over time. (more…)



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