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50 free Avios points (with a fringe benefit…)

If you’d like some quick, easy and free Avios, there’s 50 available here through Iberia Plus.

free avios

Simply click on the link (or scroll through) to “The Great Avios Conquest”. The answers to the four questions are “My Shoes”, “La Panza es Primero”, “All of the above” and “Cash card”.

50 Avios won’t get you far, but, provided they don’t take too long, I find that harvesting these free Avios (or any other relevant points) bonuses as and when they come along is a useful balance booster over time.

You will need to be a member of Iberia Plus (free to join, here) to benefit, but remember that it’s well worth joining, as Iberia Plus members earn Avios points on both Iberia and Vueling.

The “fringe benefit” mentioned above is that crediting an Iberia Plus account with Avios (as this 50 free Avios will do) will “activate” it. This will allow you to transfer points in and out of your account (including to and from BA, to enable you to use these Avios on BA flights and BA Avios on Iberia flights).

For example, I’ll transfer my 50 Iberia Plus Avios to BA just as soon as they reach my account. However, if Iberia Plus offer a redemption sale, I’ll be transferring in all my BA Avios to Iberia Plus to take advantage of it!

Another key advantage of Iberia Avios redemptions is the tax is often substantially lower. Having an active Iberia Plus account will enable you to make use of this.

So, enter this competition and you’ll have a “good-to-go” Iberia Plus account for collecting Avios on Iberia and Vueling flights, plus the ability to transfer your collected Avios to BA (and vice versa).

BA of course flies between the UK and Malta for 20,000 Avios plus £35/€42 return.

Thanks to Headforpoints for spotting this one.


  1. Jodie says:

    To register for Iberia Plus you must leave passport number. Anyway to get around this?

    • maltapoints says:

      None as far as I’m aware, although I’m fairly sure a “sample” passport number would work, and they should be fairly easy to Google…

      Am I right in thinking you’re US based, without a passport, and use your Avios on US domestic flights?

  2. Counsellor says:

    50 Avios is worth about a dollar.

    Is it worth gaining a dollar to have yet another Frequent Flyer account number to worry about and monitor; a new (?) password to create, remember, and chance being captured; and providing potentially sensitive information like your passport number to an airline frequent flyer program (again chancing compromise of the data)?

    If they said, “We’ll give you a dollar if you’ll do this” would you do it? That’s a personal calculation, but at first blush, I don’t think I would.

    Thanks for mentioning it, though. I’d suppose some will be delighted to learn of the offer.

    • maltapoints says:

      All entirely valid points. It certainly won’t make you rich, but for many the benefit of this is more in being able to activate an Iberia Plus account.

      There will of course also be those who already have Iberia Plus accounts, like me. It took me about 30 seconds.

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