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British Airways sale dates here – all classes discounted

British Airways sale dates are upon us: BA launched its winter sale yesterday. As a result, I excitedly rushed to the BA Low Price Finder to see what bargains could be had. The results were a touch disappointing, to be honest. While there’s undoubtedly a few quid shaved off various flights, nothing came even close to, for example, matching the recent £1004 Business Class return offer.


But a saving is a saving, and there are discounted prices to be had. Plus with these British Airways sale dates, you have until 27 January to book (with flights available for much of 2015). So, if you need to book a flight for 2015, it makes a lot of sense to include BA in your range of price quotes (other people do get a “range of price quotes” when they book their travel, don’t they? I don’t think that’s just me.)

While not spectacular, some of the better fares we noted were:

Business Class

  • London Gatwick to Orlando – £1683 return
  • London Gatwick to Tampa – £1692 return
  • London Gatwick to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic – £1571 return
  • London Gatwick to Malaga  – £219 return
  • London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi – £1405 return
  • London Heathrow to Mumbai – £1529 return
  • London Heathrow to Beijing – £1878 return (ok, but doesn’t compare with the LOT Polish Airlines sale to Beijing, in our view)


  • London Gatwick to Colombo – £468 return
  • London Heathrow to Dubai – £363 return
  • London Gatwick to Barcelona – £76 return
  • London Gatwick to Krakow – £72 return
  • London Gatwick to Malaga/Denoa/Naples/Rome/Venice/Verona – £84 return
  • London Heathrow to Zagreb – £84 return
  • London Gatwick to Barbados/St Lucia – £529 return
  • London Heathrow to New York (JFK) – £399 return
  • London Gatwick to Orlando – £436

This list is based on our searches from London airports and is far from comprehensive. Please post in the comments if you see any particularly appealing fares that we’ve not mentioned, whether from to/London or elsewhere.

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