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1500 free Avios points – for minimum effort

Reward scheme Avios has an increasing relevance to the Malta frequent flyer market, with both British Airways and its sister airline Vueling using them as their mileage currency.

free avios points

Via e-rewards, you can currently get 2 x 750 Avios for doing very little (not exactly free Avios points, but certainly “minimal effort” Avios points).

Before I go on, I should emphasise that this award does not require you to answer numerous e-rewards surveys in order to reach a redemption threshold. You will get 750 Avios for responding to just one survey, and the full 1500 Avios for responding to just one more. You do not even have to answer the surveys in full – if you get rejected from the full survey, you will still earn the full 750 Avios.

How do I bag the Avios?

First, you need to be a member of Avios and the British Airways Executive Club.

Next, using a different email address for both, set up two account with e-rewards as follows:

  • Click here to sign up for an Avios e-rewards account.
  • Click here to sign up for a BA Executive Club e-rewards account (you need to scroll down the page a bit).

Once you have set up the accounts, you need to respond to one e-rewards survey for each account to get an almost instant 750 Avios bonus (when you have responded to your first survey, click on “Rewards” in your e-rewards account, and you will see an option to redeem 0 points for 750 Avios).

You will need a UK postcode for this to work. If you are not UK based, you can generate a random UK postcode here.

Whether you want to continue to use e-rewards to bolster your Avios balance at a much lower earnings rate than the above, is up to you, but this initial free Avios points bonus is well worth taking advantage of.


  1. P K says:

    Neither of the links for e-rewards accounts are working..

    • maltapoints says:

      They do seem a bit temperamental. I got through a couple of days ago without issue (despite previously having problems), but they’re not working for me at present.

      If you don’t have any luck, I would wait a day or two and try again.

  2. econjon says:

    Doesn’t work for me.

    • maltapoints says:

      Links have had their issues, but should all be fine now – I have just checked and they’re currently working my end.

  3. Cogswell says:

    It’s not exactly free if there is effort involved. Does your employer give you free money, just as long as you work 40 hours per week? 🙂

    • maltapoints says:

      Point entirely taken. Of course, it’s the age old conundrum of what your spare time is worth…

      To be honest, I’m well aware that you have to put a huge amount of effort into getting the standard e-rewards payouts. Here, you really do get 750 Avios for just one survey that you don’t even need to complete.

  4. Justin says:

    Says my Avios membership number must be 16 characters… Is this different from my Executive Club membership number?

    • maltapoints says:

      Yes. You get a 16 digit membership number for joining Avios (via avios.com: see link in post) and then you have your alternative BA Exec club membership number.

      If you’re not already a member, I believe you need to give a UK address to join Avios.com – if you aren’t UK based, use the link in my post to generate a “borrowed” one (I’m not UK based, of course).

      The key point here is that you are getting 750 Avios through two separate reward schemes – Avios, and BA Exec club (which uses Avios as its reward currency). So, you need to sign up to one e-rewards account with your Avios membership number, and another (via a separate email address) with your BA Exec Club membership number.

      Importantly, you can then combine your Avios balances via the “Combine My Avios” function on avios.com.

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