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Air Malta prize giveaway – “pass the parcel”

In the spirit of festive giving, Air Malta has just launched an interesting free competition called “pass the parcel”.

There are some pretty good prizes to be won, including:

  • Free flights
  • 50/25/15/10% off flight discount codes (for travel 15 Jan to 31 March 2014)
  • La Valette lounge access
  • Tickets to the Malta national aquarium

Inevitably, you require a Facebook account to play, and need to “like” Air Malta. Basically, you can “open” one parcel a day for the duration of the competition (and I’ve no idea how long that is) to see if you’ve won a prize. The rules around that are a little complicated – there may not be parcels available, and if there are but you don’t win a prize, you can “pass the parcel” onto a friend (by entering their email address) and Air Malta will send the parcel to them so they can see if they have won a prize.

There is actually a video on the link above explaining exactly how the competition works.

I had a go this morning and won 10% off a flight. Prior to the prize being (eventually) revealed, I had a few technical issues with this competition, so don’t necessarily expect it all to be straightforward – but it’s certainly worth a look.

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