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UK only – 1200 straightforward Avios, plus cashback

We love topcashback at euflyer. As the name suggests, it offers cashback on purchases at a huge number of online retailers, provided that you click through to them from topcashback.


Whether it’s cashback on flights, hotels, groceries or Christmas presents, I always try and make my purchases through TCB. Indeed, on the occasions when I forget to use it, I have been known to curl up into a ball and gently curse myself for several days, until my wife sources medication.

Anyway… I received an email from them a couple of days ago which noted the return of a nice little bonus. Click on the euflyer “refer a friend” link, and new joiners to topcashback will get 500 free Tesco Clubcard points when they have earned £10 in cashback (with no time limit on when you need to earn this £10).

500 Tesco Clubcard points can, of course, be converted into 1200 Avios

The offer runs until 2 November 2014, and if you’re not already a member of Tesco Clubcard, you can join here.

Topcashback really is a great website – an euflyer favourite. Provided you simply use it diligently, like we do, for purchases you would have made anyway (including numerous airlines, hotels and other options for the traveller seeking good value), you will find you rack up a huge amount of cashback, which really does amount to “free money”. Plus this sign up bonus offers you a great incentive to get started.

Euflyer will get a commission if you use our referral link above. However this does not reduce your bonus in any way, and we are very grateful for the support of the site.

You should note that while I state this offer is UK only, I have a fully functioning topcashback account and yet I’m based in Europe – I simply use my English bank account (or Tesco Clubcard account) for payment.

(HT to Raffles at headforpoints for reminding me to post about this one)

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