600 free Avios points

Survey company “Rewards for Thoughts” have partnered with Avios and are currently offering 600 free Avios points for registering and completing your first survey.

free avios points

You need to sign up here. You will also need to be a member of Avios.com (UK addresses only) or the BA Executive Club, but you can join both of those for free.

Important note: it does seem that the surveys are only available to people i) giving a UK address and ii) accessing the survey from a UK IP address. If that doesn’t apply to you, and you have the time/energy, you can generate a UK address here, and then use an IP mask to “put” your computer in the UK.

Should you wish to, further surveys can also be completed – you’ll earn 25 Avios for short surveys and 50 Avios for long surveys. Avios will (apparently) post to your account five days after completing each survey.

I know the purists amongst you will say it’s not strictly free Avios as you have to complete a survey. You’ve got me here. If you’re insistent on this point then it’s still 550 free Avios as you’d normally get only 50 for the survey…

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    1. Bizarre. Per the article, I was aware of issues with non-UK registrants, but not non-US…

      Per the terms and conditions, it’s the link to the Rewards For Thoughts UK panel!

    1. 🙂 That is a loooong survey. You could of course have selected a shorter one.

      So, at my valuation of 1 Avios = 1 Euro Cent, you were earning the equivalent of €8 per hour, tax free for those 40 minutes…

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