625 free Avios points for all

We mentioned back in December 2013 that the Avios Suitcase app was offering some easy free Avios points.

free avios points

They have now added to the free Avios points available on this promotion, to take the total number of Avios points available up to (around) 575, depending on exactly what the app offers you. More Avios earning options are regularly added, too.

In addition to this, Iberia Plus have just launched an offer of another straightforward free 50 Avios points (plus a competition to win free flights) via this link.

In order to benefit from the Avios Suitcase promotion, you need to have an account with Avios.com. This requires a UK address, but do not worry if you do not have one – there is an easy (and legal) workaround. All the Avios terms and conditions require is that you “provide an address in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands”. You can get a random UK address for these purposes here.

Bear in mind with the Facebook Avios suitcase promotion that you can adjust the settings on the published badges to “Only Me”. That means you’re not publishing to all your friends that you’re a slightly obsessive Avios collector…

In terms of the additional 50 points, we have previously spoken of the benefits of having an Iberia Plus Avios account (as well as a BA executive club and/or Avios.com Avios account), including why these 50 free Avios points give you a benefit beyond simply the free Avios points.

But don’t just take our word for it – View From The Wing also provided a succinct analysis of why it’s worth your while.

You can sign up for an Iberia Plus Avios account here.

(Thanks to BoardingArea for spotting the Iberia Plus 50 free Avios points)

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  1. The suitcase seems to need a 16 digit Avios number. I have Iberia and BA account numbers, and seem to need to be a UK resident to get an Avios number. What am I missing

    1. Good question Harold. Per the scheme terms and conditions on Avios.com (which you need to sign up to), “To be eligible to collect Points under the Scheme you must provide an address in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands”.

      As such, all you need to do when you join via Avios.com is provide a UK address. You don’t need to live there. Your solution is here: http://www.doogal.co.uk/RandomAddresses.php

  2. Did the points for the previous 50 free Iberia Avios or the ones this time post yet? I still have 0 Avios showing, but it said that I earned them after clicking on the link…

  3. how do you move the avios to BA? I just tried linking and it says the information does not match. I would imagine the addresses are the issue.

    1. Are you saying the “Combine My Avios” function on Avios.com is not working for you? If so, yes, it may be the address mismatch. The simple workaround is to update your BA Exec Club account to your Avios.com “UK address”, transfer the Avios, then change the address back.

  4. How do the points from the suitcase get transferred to my avios account. Is it automatic at the end of the month?

    1. It’s automatic, but I have no idea of the exact frequency although it’s pretty regular. See extract of my statement below (all of which posted a few days after the activity):

      22/07/2014 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 66422 10
      15/07/2014 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 65294 10
      24/06/2014 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 59426 15
      24/06/2014 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 59425 15

  5. So can I just combine Avios (using combine my avios) even though my other BA exec club address is not in the UK?

    1. You can only use the “Combine My Avios” function to transfer between Avios.com, BAEC and Iberia Plus.

      You can’t “combine” Avios between 2 BAEC accounts with different addresses.

      As noted above, the simple workaround is to update the BA Exec Club account (that you want to transfer the Avios.com Avios to) to your Avios.com “UK address”, transfer the Avios, then change the address back.

      1. My linked family BAEC accounts currently have US addresses as does my Iberia Plus acct. The avios is UK addr. I will probably “migrate” as you suggest to make any transfers.

        1. Yep – as you’re no doubt aware, the avios.com account must have a UK address.

          A quick move from the US to the UK, then back again, sounds like a plan…

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