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Two (and a half) good reasons to follow us on Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, we’d like to very politely and humbly suggest that it’s in your interests to follow us (@theeuflyer).


There are two principal reasons why we hope any reader of the euflyer.com website will benefit from doing so:

1) Sometimes excellent deals become available on very short notice. If so, while we will always post about them, it takes a little while to draft posts (yes, believe it or not we proof-read them and everything…). As such, we’ll often send out a quick tweet first.

2) Certain offers regularly come along that we think may be of interest to the general euflyer.com readership, but we’re not always sure. Or there may be posts that we know will appeal only to a certain minority sector of our readers. As such, we will often post these as brief tweets rather than fully-fledged posts. That way, you get the deal flagged and we (hopefully) don’t waste any more of your or our time than is necessary.

And as if that wasn’t enough…

It’s approaching the season of giving. So just slap a beard and sherry-stained overalls on us and call us Santa: anyone who follows @theeuflyer on Twitter from today (5 December 2014) up to and including 20 December 2014, will automatically be entered into a free random draw to win an euflyer baseball cap (hurrah!), an euflyer T-shirt (can this get any better?) and a £10/€10/US$10 Paypal credit which must be spent on mince pies for all your family (if you win and don’t have Paypal, we’ll work out an alternative).

As many unlucky runners up as we have T-shirts will then get one of them. The ideal Christmas gift for a loved one.

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