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American Express UK rewards – “Airport Offers”

Foursquare’s latest attempt to market a social network that nobody quite understands is in conjunction with UK American Express: the imaginatively named, if efficiently descriptive, “airport offers”.

american express uk rewards

“Airport offers” requires you to link your American Express card to your Foursquare account, which you can do here. There are actually some pretty good “statement credits” (i.e. Amex cashback) to be had on your spending at UK airports. 

Having connected your Foursquare and Amex accounts as instructed above, you then simply need to use your connected Amex card on purchases at certain shops in Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester and Edinburgh airports to benefit from some quite generous statement credits.

The American Express UK rewards/offers and headline terms are as follows:

american express uk rewards

The Dixons (£10 back on £30 spend), Cafe Nero and WH Smith (both £5 back on £10 spend) all stand out as particularly useful.

If you don’t already have Foursquare, you can download it here. If you don’t already have a UK American Express card, have a look at our reviews and referral bonuses here.

You have until 31 January 2015 to take advantage of the statement credits, and note that you should connect and load those that appeal to you as soon as you can, given that they are limited in availability.

If you’re looking for some more UK airport freebies, don’t forget the free 1260 airline miles currently available for a £30 spend at Heathrow. This Amex offer is entirely combinable with that.

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