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UK British Airways American Express cards – bonus Avios increased

The bonus Avios that you will earn on the UK British Airways American Express has been boosted to 10,000 Avios on the standard free card, and 26,000 Avios on the Premium Plus card (£150 per year).

british airways american express

To get the fully boosted amounts, you will need to be referred for the card (see below): without a referral, you will earn 1000 Avios less in both cases.

Full summaries of the cards, and details of how to get a referral, are as follows: (more…)

25% Bonus Offer – American Express to Etihad Guest Miles

Hot on the heels of rival Emirates’ 50% discount on the miles required for certain redemption flights, Etihad is now offering a 25% bonus on conversion of your American Express Membership Rewards points to Etihad Guest miles.

etihad guest miles

The bonus applies to transfers made up to and including 11 March 2015, and is valid for Etihad Guest members in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, Bahrain, Great Britain, Korea, Saudi Arabia and India, plus holders of the Amex International Euro or Dollar cards.

To benefit from the bonus, simply transfer your American Express Membership Reward points to your Etihad Guest account as normal – on transfer, Etihad Guest will add the 25% bonus. (more…)

Etihad sale – 10% off all flights in all classes

A reminder that the joint offer between Etihad and American Express continues to offer a solid 10% discount on all Etihad Economy, Business Class and First Class flights.

etihad sale

This discount is in addition to any other savings on the fare itself, so if you can locate a great value fare via another Etihad sale, it’s an additional saving. Note, however, that Saver and Value Fares will benefit from a 5% discount, while Freedom Fares will get the full 10%.

Obviously you need an American Express card to make use of this particular Etihad sale, but any serious value traveller should hold one anyway (the sign up bonuses alone are enough for a free return flight – and more). UK and European readers can have a look at our reviews here, while US readers should have a look at the multitude of options on the American-facing blogs.

American Express UK rewards – “Airport Offers”

Foursquare’s latest attempt to market a social network that nobody quite understands is in conjunction with UK American Express: the imaginatively named, if efficiently descriptive, “airport offers”.

american express uk rewards

“Airport offers” requires you to link your American Express card to your Foursquare account, which you can do here. There are actually some pretty good “statement credits” (i.e. Amex cashback) to be had on your spending at UK airports.  (more…)

UK: How to get a British Airways 2-for-1 ticket with minimum spend

As most value travellers are aware, the UK British Airways American Express cards come with one fairly massive benefit: when you spend a certain amount on them within a calendar year, you will get a “2-for-1” flight redemption voucher (or “companion voucher”).

american express companion voucher

In short, the companion voucher enables you to redeem your Avios stash in any class, and then get an identical second reward ticket without spending a single additional Avios. You simply need to pay the tax and fees on both tickets.

When used wisely, this can save you a massive amount of Avios and secure a pair of top value redemption flights with British Airways. (more…)

UK British Airways American Express offering 26,000 Avios sign up bonus

From today until September 30 2014, American Express is offering substantially increased sign up bonus Avios for UK residents signing up to its British Airways credit cards.

british airways american express uk

The BA American Express Premium Plus card sign up bonus has increased from 18,000 Avios to 25,000 Avios. You need to spend £3,000 on the card in the first three months to receive the bonus. The annual fee is £150, although this is refunded pro-rata if you cancel the card.

The BA standard card sign up bonus has increased from 3,000 Avios to 9,000 Avios. You need to spend £1,000 on the card in the first three months to receive the bonus. There is no annual fee for the card.

You will get an additional 1,000 bonus Avios if you let euflyer.com refer you for either card (so 26,000 or 10,000 bonus Avios). Simply use this link, send an email requesting a referral to theeuflyer@gmail.com and we will send you a referral link.  (more…)

Two free BA return flights to the UK and lounge access – with American Express

To date, Malta has not been a good place for credit card sign up bonuses. In short, there have been none. That has all now changed, courtesy of an offer run by the American Express Platinum International Currency Card (ICC card).


Before I start the slightly complex explanation of how to get yourself the two free flights, I should emphasise two things:

  1. MaltaPoints makes no commission whatsoever from anyone who signs up to this card. We are not an affiliate of or agent for American Express, and we write this post with full editorial independence. We are simply highlighting this offer because it is a good deal – there is no commercial incentive for us in doing so.
  2. You need an annual household income of €65,000 or over to qualify for the Amex Platinum card. If you don’t qualify on this basis, read below for the benefits of the Amex Green ICC card.




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