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1000 bonus miles (AAdvantage, Flying Blue, Etihad Guest etc) with PointsHound

Similar to Rocketmiles, PointsHound is an online hotel booking service that awards you bonus miles for booking your stay through its website. You can then choose to apply these miles to one of a number of frequent flyer programmes.


The number of miles you earn is dependent on the hotel you book, but you can earn up to a bonus 6000 miles per night and even the cheapest of hotels will get you in excess of 1000 miles.

Plus, book through this link and you will receive a bonus 1000 miles on your first booking, on top of the standard miles you will earn.

Available frequent flyer programmes include AAdvantage, Etihad Guest, Flying Blue, Miles&Smiles and many more (see below), so there is a good range. You can choose which programme to apply the miles to for each booking, so you do not get locked in.


Is this a good deal?

Potentially yes.

The key point when booking with PointsHoundis to check the price of the hotel if you booked it elsewhere. If PointsHoundis offering a similar or better price, plus points, then it is well worth thinking about.

Will I still get rewards points with the hotel I stay with?

It depends. Rates marked with the “Double Up” icon in PointsHound’s search results are eligible for earning hotel reward points and stay credit towards elite status.

While it varies by hotel chain (and often by individual hotels within chains), rates booked through PointsHound that are not marked with a Double Up icon are generally not eligible for points and status earning. That said, some hotels will credit stays booked through PointsHound towards elite status, and most will honour existing status benefits.

Don’t forget that Rocketmiles are still running a 3000 mile first-booking bonus, so it’s worth including them in any shopping around you are doing.

As ever, our advice with PointsHound is to compare their rates and the points you will get with other rates available. You can get a good deal, particularly where bonus miles are involved, but don’t be blindly seduced by the miles – shop around.

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