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British Airways Dublin Business Class – USA from €1078 (£875) all-in return

British Airways is currently offering some truly excellent value Business Class flights from Dublin, Ireland’s capital, to the USA. Standout examples (all-in return prices) are New York (JFK) at €1078, San Francisco and Los Angeles at €1332 and Miami at €1130.

british airways dublin

These sale prices are currently available for travel for much of 2015. To give you some idea of the value of these fares, the cheapest Business Class fare from London Heathrow to San Francisco is €3295 (£2584), so you are saving €1963 (or nearly 60%) by flying from Dublin.

Although UK- (and other non-Ireland-) based travellers will need to get themselves over to Dublin, given that €1078 is £845, this is potentially a trip well worth making (and on current prices you can fly from London to Dublin for as little as £32 return: check with your friendly local Ryanair website). Perhaps most importantly, availability of the Dublin-US sale fares is is also very good.

We set out below some dummy bookings we carried out:

New York JFK returns at €1078 (cheapest ex-Heathrow fare is GBP £2076)

british airways dublin

San Francisco returns at €1332 (cheapest ex-Heathrow fare is £2584)

british airways dublin


Miami returns at €1130 (cheapest ex-Heathrow fare is £2235)

british airways dublin

While it’s not entirely clear, it does seem that you need to book these sale fares before 27 January 2015.

But I don’t live in Ireland!

A fair point. However, dodging BA’s hub of London means dodging Air Passenger Duty, and that’s why the savings from Ireland are so substantial when compared to flights from London.

The trick is, in my book, to jump over to Dublin on a Ryanair flight. Yes, it’s a bit of slumming before your Business Class high life, but it should only cost you a few quid, a drop in the ocean compared to the savings you will make on these fares. Here’s a £32 return, for example:

british airways dublin

Similar BA sale prices to the US are also available from Copenhagen, Denmark. Economy class tickets are also on sale, but with nothing like the same savings as you will find on the Business Class flights (and with prices entirely comparable to flights from London Heathrow, in any event).

Don’t forget to earn Avios points on all British Airways flights. 

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