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Wizz Air extends 20% off sale to all – today only

We ran a post yesterday about Eastern European budget carrier Wizz Air’s one-day 20% off sale, available only to members of its (good value) Wizz Discount Club.

wizz air

They have, however, extended the sale for a further day (today, 9 January 2015), but this time with the 20% Wizz Air discount applicable to all.

While we generally recommend that you nevertheless join the Wizz Discount Club for best value (it costs €29.99 and you will get €10 off each flight over €19.99), this substantially increases the scope of the sale, and as we noted yesterday, there is some real value to be had.


  1. Bought a couple of tix from MXP-BUD and upgraded them so we could stretch out and get free checked baggage. All in 80/pp. I couldn’t find anything remotely close to that and I needed the connection after booking that ~$150 RTW fare to Bangkok. Thanks!

    • euflyer says:

      Glad to hear you made good use of it. I’ve spent a small fortune on Wizz Air flights over the last couple of days – but at least 20% less of a small fortune than I otherwise would have…

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