100 instant, free American AAdvantage miles (and potentially 2000 more)

PointsHound, the points-earning hotel booking service similar to Rocketmiles, is currently offering 100 free (and, they claim, instant) American AAdvantage miles. You simply need to sign up with them through this link.

aadvantage miles

In addition, if you go on to make a booking through PointsHound before March 31, 2015, you will earn a bonus 2000 AAdvantage miles (provided that your checkout date is prior to January 31, 2016) on top of the miles you will otherwise earn for the booking.

Don’t forget that competitor Rocketmiles is also offering a 3000 mile sign-up bonus.

In short, Rocketmiles and PointsHound award you bonus miles for booking your stay through their website. You can then choose to apply these miles to one of a number of frequent flyer programmes.

If for whatever reason you don’t fancy AAdvantage miles, this PointsHound link will get you a 1000 point bonus with any of the other frequent flyer schemes they offer.

aadvantage miles

Bonus aside, the number of miles you earn with PointsHound is dependent on the hotel you book, but you can earn up to a bonus 6000 miles per night, and even the cheapest of hotels will get you in excess of 1000 miles. Although the bonus offer is limited to AAdvantage miles, future mileage credits can be with various different loyalty programmes.

Our caveat with miles/points earning sites like Pointshound and Rocketmiles is to shop around before you commit to them. However they can undoubtedly offer good value on occasion, particularly when you are taking advantage of a sign-up or other bonus promotion.

(With thanks to magicofmiles.)

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