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£25 return UK to France… with £140 wine spend

UK wine seller Majestic Wine Calais, is currently offering a very reasonable deal on 1 or 2 day returns between Folkestone and Calais, using the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.

eurotunnel discount code

Through Majestic Wines, these returns are priced at £25 per car, which permits up to 9 people (depending, obviously, on the car’s capacity) to travel at £25 for everyone. Looking at the standard prices, the £25 rate is basically half price.

The key catch is that you need to pre-order £150-worth of wine, although that will be reduced to £140 by an additional offer giving £10 off a £150 spend

eurotunnel discount code

Given that Majestic Wine Calais genuinely does offer some very good value on wine, you could do a lot worse than spend £140 with them if you do like your wine, or have an event coming up.

There is no need for a Eurotunnel discount code for this saving, it is all arranged through Majestic Wine Calais, per the link above.

So, a return trip to France for up to 9 people, plus £150’s worth of wine, all for £140. Perhaps worth having a quick look at their Top 10 offers…

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