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£12 returns from London to Germany – currently available

Ryanair have reduced their flights to Dusseldorf (Weeze) even more dramatically: they’re now available in March 2015 for a remarkable £12.14 all-in return, with (currently) good availability. Departures are from Stansted.

ryanair sale 2015

Aside from the fact you’re flying with Ryanair, the key catch with this flight is that “Dusseldorf” Weeze airport is a fair old distance from Dusseldorf. In fact it’s nearer Eindhoven, in central Holland. However, Weeze does appear to be quite well connected to Dusseldorf (and elsewhere) by train, and if you’re looking to travel to somewhere in Western Germany or East/Central Holland, then, combined with a hire car or clever use of trains, it could work very well.

Here’s an example option at £12.14:


If you also need a cheap hotel, we have a number of discount codes available for the Hilton Dusseldorf, for example. 

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