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Free elite status match with airberlin topbonus (Oneworld)

The airberlin topbonus frequent flyer programme (join for free and get 500 miles, here) is currently offering a status match to elite members with other airlines (save for those airlines in the Oneworld network).


Taking advantage of this status match is extremely simple. You just need to an email to statusmatch@topbonus.de with the following information:

  • Your topbonus number; and
  • A legible scan/photo/copy of your other valid frequent flyer card (with elite status)

The airberlin topbonus frequent flyer programme in in the unusual position of being in two frequent flyer networks: Oneworld, and Etihad Airways Partners. Among many other benefits (including the obvious perks you’ll get when flying airberlin), this means Gold status with airberlin will give you lounge access at all Oneworld lounges worldwide (even when flying in Economy Class), provided that you are flying on a Oneworld airline ticket.

Full terms and conditions of this offer are available here.

You can find out more about the benefits of status with airberlin topbonus here, but in short there are three elite tiers: Silver (Oneworld Ruby), Gold (Oneworld Sapphire) and Platinum (Oneworld Emerald).


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  2. Hi Tom,
    Do you of anyone successfully leveraging Air Malta status for anything useful? Is there hope for a lowly “Permanent” member?

    • sarcastrix says:

      They’re not even mentioned on http://statusmatcher.com/ – time to send out a few begging letters?

      • That’s the first place I looked. Not that my Air Malta card would necessarily be any good. They’re written my full name and right justified it, meaning my first name “Charles” has been truncated to “les” which has suddenly become my nickname in the family.

    • euflyer says:

      I have zero success, as I’ve never tried 🙂 However in the current case I matched airberlin to my Etihad status.

      That said I do know people who’ve successfully matched Air Malta Flypass Diamond, which is understandable.

      I would give it a try with Flypass permanent, you never know, you may get Silver.

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