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The world’s cheapest redemptions are back – flights for just 1500 miles!

In terms of the pure mileage cost, we really have yet to see reward flights cheaper than those available through airberlin’s Topbonus Topdeals. The obvious warning here is the tax  also applied, but there are still some good value deals available.

air berlin topbonus

They’re the airline equivalent of IHG hotels’ acclaimed 5000 point PointBreaks. Like PointBreaks, topbonus topdeals appear at intervals, and they are available as of today.

Standout redemption options include (one way, availability in both directions): (more…)

1000 free airberlin Topbonus miles

Car rental provider Sixt and airberlin have teamed up (once again) to offer 1,000 free topbonus miles to anyone who registers with Sixt in June 2015, via this link.

air berlin free miles

Having successfully received these 1000 free topbonus miles in the past myself, it’s well worth spending the 10 seconds it takes to secure them.

As a related aside, airberlin is very soon set to release the latest round of topbonus “Topdeals” – where redemption flights with airberlin become available for as little as 2000 topbonus miles. We will post separately on this.

Topdeals – one of Europe’s best value flight offers returns

Hot on the heals of the airberlin status match we recently featured comes another round of airberlin’s Topbonus topdeals. A hugely discounted range of award flights with airberlin.

free frequent flyer miles

Various routes are now bookable for as little as 1,500 miles (plus taxes and charges), just have a look at the full list here. Only a limited number of tickets are available at the discounted topdeal mileage levels, so this is another promo where the faster you move, the more likely you are to grab a bargain.

Topdeal tickets are available until 16 March, and you need to travel by June 2015.

Stand out options are as follows:


Free elite status match with airberlin topbonus (Oneworld)

The airberlin topbonus frequent flyer programme (join for free and get 500 miles, here) is currently offering a status match to elite members with other airlines (save for those airlines in the Oneworld network).


Taking advantage of this status match is extremely simple. You just need to an email to statusmatch@topbonus.de with the following information: (more…)

500 free airberlin topbonus miles, plus €10 duty free voucher

Once again, airberlin is offering 500 free (and apparently instant) topbonus miles, simply for registering with pan-European duty free shop Heinemann & Me. You need to do so by 31 March 2015 to get the free bonus miles.

free airberlin topbonus miles

You will even get the 500 free miles if you’re already registered with Heinemann & Me, provided that you have not already logged your airberlin topbonus number with them.

It is well worth being a member of Heinemann & Me. As well as 10% off your first purchase with them, you will receive a €10 voucher on your birthday, every year (with the voucher valid for 1 year).  (more…)

Earn easy bonus miles with airberlin

Book a flight with airberlin before 31 March 2015, and you will not only get the standard topbonus miles for the flight (see chart below), but also a bonus 1 mile per €1 spent on the flight.

topbonus air berlin

You need to first of all register for this promotion. The bonus miles entitlement also applies to all “additional extras” you book, such as seat reservations or gourmet meals. (more…)

airberlin sale – return flights from €88 all-in (€45 one way)

German carrier airberlin is currently offering “early-bird” sale fares on flights, for travel in or after April 2015. The sale extends to so many destinations that you are best advised to have a look for yourself to see what suits.

airberlin sale

It seems, however, that the best value fares depart from Germany, with some stand-out (and currently widely available) all-in return flights as follows: (more…)

airberlin ultra-cheap redemption flights available (again)

Every now and then, airberlin’s frequent flyer programme, topbonus, slashes the cost of redemption flights via its “Topdeal” offers. Although taxes and fees still apply, the actual miles required for these redemptions is sometimes incredibly low – so even if you only have a small stash of topbonus miles, the available tickets are worth reviewing.


The latest range of Topdeals were made available today until 13 December 2014, for travel between 5 January and 29 March 2015. The full list of available Topdeals is set out here, but highlights include: (more…)

1000 free, easy airberlin topbonus miles

Topbonus, the airberlin frequent flyer programme, is currently offering 1000 free miles for filling in some very brief details.


Simply sign up to the Sixt “frequent renter” deal here before 31 December 2014, and Sixt will credit the free miles to your topbonus account.

You do not need to be an existing Sixt member to sign up for these free miles.


Great value points-redemption flights – Europe to Abu Dhabi

Airberlin’s latest round of “Topdeal” offers are focused solely on flights from Europe to Abu Dhabi, allowing you to fly there for just 42% of the miles normally required.


Topdeals are periodic, and slightly random, offers that give you an opportunity to use your airberlin topbonus frequent flyer miles on airberlin flights, but at heavily discounted rates. Unusually, the current deals feature discounted economy and business class redemption flights.

Flights to/from Vienna and Stuttgart to Abu Dhabi are now 12500 miles each way in economy class (down from 30,000 miles each way), and 35,000 miles each way in business class (down from 45,000 miles each way). (more…)



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