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Final Call! 1150 miles for joining Etihad Guest

A final reminder that you have until 31 March 2015 to earn 1150 bonus miles for signing up to Etihad Airways’ frequent flyer programme, Etihad Guest.

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We are big fans of Etihad and Etihad Guest. The flight experience on Etihad is excellent, while Etihad Guest frequently offers very competitive redemption flights, with good availability in all classes.

If you’re not already a member, now is also a very good time to join Etihad Guest. It is currently offering 1000 free Etihad Guest miles to anyone who joins up and completes their “first earn transaction” before 31 March 2015. The key point here is that there is a really easy “earn transaction” available – you will get 150 miles for reviewing a hotel with holidaycheck.com.

So, sign up for Etihad Guest here, then review a hotel here (obviously entering your new Etihad Guest account number when prompted) before 31 March, and 1150 easy points are yours.

Etihad also continues to offer a range of special offers on flights. Just how special will depend on your starting point and destination, but they are worth keeping an eye on.

Full terms and conditions for the bonus miles offer are as follows:

  • This offer is only available to new members who complete their first earn activity before 31 March 2015 (this could be either a flight activity or partner activity).
  • The 1,000 bonus miles will be credited to the member’s account in two installments of 500 miles upon completion of the member’s first earn activity within the Etihad Guest programme.
  • The bonus miles earned will be Etihad Guest Miles and not Tier Miles.


  1. scott says:

    Are there any ways to generate non-BIS Etihad miles?

  2. DomesticGoddess says:

    My Etihad points from Holiday Check always take several weeks to post. I wonder if the points the points are credited after 31 March by Etihad you’d still get the bonus 1000 as the “activity” was prior to the 31st.

    • euflyer says:

      If you don’t, just chase it up with Etihad. They are very good (and sometimes quite generous) with Etihad Guest miles adjustments. I obviously can’t guarantee anything, but well worth doing.

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