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3,000 bonus airline miles with hotel bookings

For the next three days, online bonus miles hotel booking service Rocketmiles is offering 3000 bonus airline miles with a large number of frequent flyer schemes on any hotel booking of five days or more.

rocketmiles bonus

To earn the bonus miles, you need to book before 11:59PM CT on 29 March 2015.

Importantly, this bonus is available to existing, as well as new members. You will of course earn the bonus miles on top of the standard miles earned for the booking.

What exactly is Rocketmiles?

Quite simply, Rocketmiles awards you air miles for hotel bookings. Outside of the bonus miles offers above (which must be applied to the scheme stated), you can ordinarily choose one of a number of airline frequent flyer programmes (including Avios, AAdvantage and Etihad Guest) to add these miles to. Customers earn an average (apparently) of 5,000 miles on each hotel booking, and that is not including the bonuses above.

In all, you can earn miles in the following programmes through Rocketmiles:

rocketmiles bonus

The key value with the “bonus miles” hotel websites is often in the sign-up bonuses. Standard bookings may offer some value when you factor in the miles, but it is essential that you compare the cost with a direct booking, or booking through the likes of lastminute.com, hotels.com etc. If your room is substantially cheaper elsewhere without the miles, it’s unlikely to be a value offering to go with the bonus miles sites.

Don’t forget to have a look at our Free Miles/Points page for all current free/bonus miles and points opportunities.

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