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£10 tickets on Heathrow Express, plus under 16s free forever

Heathrow Express, the 15 minute train journey from London Paddington to Heathrow airport, is launching two good value deals on tickets. The first begins today, Friday 27 March and the second runs for the full four day Easter break.

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First, from today, children (under 16s accompanied by a parent or guardian) will be able to travel free on Heathrow Express, indefinitely.

Second, from 3 April to 6 April 2015 (inclusive), Heathrow Express single tickets in standard class will be reduced from £21.50 to £10. Return tickets, (with the return valid for travel after the four-day sale period) are being reduced from £35 to £31.50. Obviously if you are returning within the 4 day sale period, you should simply buy two single tickets, at £20!

You will be able to buy these reduced price tickets online from 3 April 2015, or at the station.

In addition to this offer, our summary of the currently available Heathrow Express promo codes and other discounts are available here. Clearly the child discount codes summarised here need to be reviewed in light of the free travel from 3 April. I will do an updated post shortly. 

(Thanks to Heathrow Express on Twitter for the clarification)

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