Very low Hilton/IHG Hotel rates for travel agents/airline staff

Both Hilton and IHG hotels offer substantial discounts to travel agents, with Hilton extending this to anyone who works for an airline. Notably, the method of booking for both hotel chains is very straightforward and if you are eligible, the savings can be fantastic.

hilton travel agent rates

First of all, Hilton offers “up to 50%” off room rates for anyone who works for a travel agency or airline. The great thing about this rate is it is very easily bookable via a standalone page here, and we have found that while availability is limited, it generally offers superb value.

By way of example:

The Hilton Malta occasionally runs heavily discounted sales where rooms are available at €99. That is generally the best “ordinary” rate you will ever get. However, the travel agent/airline discount absolutely smashes this, offering rooms at €75:

hilton travel agent rates

Taking another random example, the cheapest room at the Hilton Dubai (The Walk) is currently 1,237 AED:

hilton travel agent rates

The Hilton travel agent/airline staff discount brings this down to 1,031 AED through one simple website:

hilton travel agent rates

Next up, IHG Hotels offer up to 35% off for travel agents (you must present a valid IATAN Card or Photo ID with a Letter of Authorization on agency letterhead that you are entitled to the discount upon check-in).

Again, this can result in substantial discounts, and helpfully the precise percentage being saved as a result of the discount will be displayed:

hilton travel agent rates

While we fully appreciate that this offer does not apply to all (and you should expect to have to show ID), if you are a travel agent or (in the case of Hilton) work for an airline (whether as a pilot, air host or baggage handler), these discounts can offer great value. The major issue is availability, but if you are prepared to be flexible, there’s a bargain out there for you. The Hilton Malta at €75 (with two adults able to stay, of course) is a steal.

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    1. It seems it will depend on the property in question, but assume no. Some also recognise your elite status if you have it, others do not.

  1. They do not earn points. I have stayed at multiple Hilton properties and can confirm that they do not count towards points &/ stays

  2. When attempting to book on the Hilton site, you must have a travel agent ID, such as an IATA #. Most airline employees do not have this. What code do you enter to get the airline employee discount?

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