sub-£100 return flights from London to Iceland

We have recently made something of a song and dance about the fantastic fares that WOW Air are currently offering between the US and Europe – with transatlantic flights available for as little as US$150.

wow air

However, WOW Air’s key market is Europe to Iceland and, with that in mind, it’s worth focusing on some excellent prices it is currently offering from London Gatwick to Iceland (KEF), with return flights in April, for example, available for as little as £96.15 all-in return.

For example, Saturday 18 April to Saturday 25 April is currently available at this price.

wow air


Similarly, an extended weekend leaving Saturday 25 and returning on Tuesday 21 April is available at £109.66 all-in return.

Flights increase in price a touch in May and June, but one-way fares are still available around the £50 mark, with returns at a few pounds over £100.

Take this extended weekend in June, for example:

wow air


As the UK finally heats up after the Winter, we appreciate that Iceland may not necessarily be the first place you think of for a spring/early Summer break, but we cannot emphasise enough what a fantastic destination it is. With return flights from London at £100, this is a great opportunity for a good value visit. 

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