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1,000 very easy Hilton HHonors points (NOT the one about changing your password…)

Online points-earning website e-miles has teamed up with Hilton HHonors to offer new members (or existing members using a new email address…) 1,000 easy Hilton HHonors points.

free hilton points 2015

In short, e-miles offers you a handful of bonus miles for reading marketing offers and then completing a tiny survey, with literally three or 4 immediate, short questions. You can earn bigger miles by actually signing up to the offers (some of which are free), but there is no obligation whatsoever.

To get the 1,000 bonus Hilton HHonors miles, you simply need to sign up here and respond to six of these offers by or before 15 May 2015 .

free hilton points 2015

I understand “respond” means that you need to click through the offer link. To be on the safe side I would simply respond to those offers which also provide you with a quick survey (you can identify them as they will have “5” next to them – see picture below), and fill this survey in. You will earn a bonus 5 e-miles on each occasion, and these will definitely count as “responses”.

free hilton points 2015

Should you wish, you can get more involved with e-miles and i) continue to earn these handfuls of miles (usually 5 a time) for responding to the promo messages or ii) earn larger amounts of miles for actually signing up to (and paying for) an enormous range of commercial products.

Frankly, I have found that outside of the bonuses, e-miles is not really worth the time and effort spent, for the fairly paltry return, but by all means have a look. When a bonus like this is involved, it’s well worth the few minutes required (at least it is to the points junkies out there).

One final point: if you are already an e-miles user and take advantage of this offer via an alternative email address, and if you have already linked a Hilton HHonors account to your existing account (there are various ways to cash out your points) then you will also need to add a new HHonors account to the new e-miles account. You cannot have two HHonors numbers registered to two different e-miles accounts.

For out complete list of free miles and points (including more HHonors points), have a look at our dedicated page here, while we also have a page dedicated to Hilton promo codes.


  1. sarcastrix says:

    “existing members using a new email address…” mmmwwwwhahaha


  2. Marcelo says:

    And it works. I actually managed to earn and transfer 2000 HHonnors points this week using an e-miles account.

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