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Air Malta Italy flights at €44 – today only

Following on from its impressive, if extremely limited in availability, €44 one way flash sales to its various European destinations, Air Malta is today offering €44 fares between Malta and Italy.


The included destinations are Catania, Milan, Rome and Venice.

Given Malta’s proximity to Italy, this is far from the most generous offer. However, if you can find the €44 fare, then it’s a very competitive price to pay. That said, and at the risk of causing offence in some quarters, I’d compare it to those fares available on the budget airlines, too…

At the time of writing, Ryanair’s cheapest fares from Malta to Milan is €23 one way, and Venice €28.


Don’t forget that Air Malta flights do of course include 20kg of checked luggage, so you must price that in to any comparison.

I may not be Air Malta’s biggest fan, but when faced with a choice between it or the budget carriers on the same route and at similar prices, I would choose it every time. 

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  1. Charles Sant says:

    Not a bad offer, but as always, it’s at the wrong time.
    I wish the airlines/hotels would check with me first!

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