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Are these the cheapest ever non-mistake Business Class fares from Europe to Asia?

We recently highlighted the superb value that could be had in the Qatar Airways one week sale, that ends on 19 April, 2015, for travel up to 10 December, 2015.

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The stand out fare in this has to be the Oslo to Bangkok Business Class return, which is priced at a quite staggering 9,052 NOK (£776/€1082/$1152). That is little more than Economy Class prices, for a Business Class flight with the excellent Qatar Airways.

But is it actually available at all at this price?

Yes it is, widely. Taking a random set of dates in May 2015, there is clear availability:


But they go even cheaper…

There’s actually an even less expensive long haul Business Class flight available, too. Again, taking random dates in May, 2015, Oslo to Delhi is priced at 8824 NOK (£755/€1054/$1120). We really are almost talking Economy prices for Business Class travel here.


Anything else?

Yes. This is a sale that’s well worth browsing generally. You will get extra-cheap fares from the European departure points like Oslo, Amsterdam and Stockholm, but there’s also very competitive Business Class fares available from the traditionally more expensive starting points, like London.

If you’re based near a European starting point airport like Oslo, Amsterdam or Stockholm, or are willing to take a quick flight to get there, this really is a rare opportunity. I have booked the Oslo-Delhi flight, with a simple repositioning flight to Oslo (and a day there) costing me little more than €100.

If those prices aren’t enough for you, surely an Armani amenity kit will seal it?

By the way, the heading to this article is a genuine question. If you have seen cheaper Business Class fares, please let me know in the comments!

Remember, you have just 3 days left to book at these prices!


  1. DavidB says:

    Just shows how little front cabin traffic there really is for these gulf emirate airlines as they flood local markets with their predatory economy fares to destroy home carriers. There’s no logic to so-called Open Skies when it results in the destruction of once-viable legacy airlines in Europe and North America. The consumer might win in the short run, but this is destructive of local economies and jobs in the long run. Just as China has hollowed out manufacturing in the west, so too will these highly subsidized predatory airlines from the gulf emirates wreck national airlines across the west.

    • euflyer says:

      Interesting take, and I appreciate the input.

      My biggest issue with the increasing Middle East 3 dominance/undercutting is not so much their access to the open market – we live in a hard nosed capitalist world, of course (and Open Skies is bi/multilateral – it’s not simply the ME3 that benefit). As you allude to, my concern is much more to do with the level by which the ME3 are, in reality, being bankrolled by the (vastly wealthy) state. If that is the case, and there’s a few indicators to suggest that it is, then this is not a level playing field.

      I take it you won’t be heading to Delhi via Oslo then? 🙂

  2. Hyacinthe says:

    I see similar fares on AY through HEL, ex-CDG. For instance May 7-11, CDG-HEL-DEL, 1196€.

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