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Qatar Airways sale – more superb value in Business Class

While Etihad often comes close, Qatar Airways continues to lead the field in excellent value for long-haul Business Class flights, with long haul Business Class as low as .

qatar airways offers

The latest round of ex-Europe deals offer best value from Scandinavia, but there is a number of good value options available on departures from the UK, including London to Bangkok at £1830 return, Cape Town at £1910 return and Hong Kong at £1925 return.

The other stand out deals available from the UK and Europe are as follows: (more…)

Promo code: a further £100 off UK Qatar Airways flights

With Business Class fares at near-Economy prices, we have featured Qatar Airways quite a lot of late. Not only is the product often great value, it is also fantastic quality.

qatar airways promo code 2015

The general position with Qatar Airways is that you can often pick up a good deal from the UK, but the best value tends to come from mainland Europe starting points such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, where Business Class fares have sometimes gone unbelievably low.

The good news is that the UK position has been sweetened a bit more by the arrival of the Qatar Airways promo code A380UK01. If you book a return ticket by 20 June 2015 (link to book here), this promo code will further discount it by up to £100.

You will find all the latest Qatar Airways deals from the UK (to which this Qatar Airways promo code will apply) on this page. Standout offers before the additional discount include: (more…)

Superbly priced Business Class flights Part II: Qatar Airways two-for-one

Qatar Airways is currently – by some way – the most regular promoter of cut-price Business Class travel. Given the quality of the product, this is good news for travellers seeking real value.

qatar airways business class seats

It has just launched a new offer from (it appears) all its global starting points: buy one Business Class seat, and get another free. You need to book before 17 May 2015, with travel valid  from 15 May until 10 December 2015 (with certain peak season blackouts.

It is to select global destinations, which are outlined below.

The offer applies to flights from the UK (which start at £1290 a head to India), but you will find better value from Europe. The headline fares per person, Business Class return are as follows: (more…)

Last call on €1600 Qatar Business Class return to Far East

A gentle reminder that today, 4 May 2015, is your last opportunity to take advantage of some excellent Qatar Airways Business Class fares from Amsterdam to the Far East, Middle East and India.

qatar airways business class

With Business Class return prices as low as €1600 to Bangkok and Beijing, €1650 to Delhi and €1,395 to Dubai, this really is worth looking at.

It’s also yet another example of the increasing benefit to value-seeking travellers of keeping a sharp eye on Business Class sale fares (not least from the big Middle Eastern carriers), rather than assuming that all the value is to be found in making good use of frequent traveller miles.

If you like these prices, but don’t want to book your flight today, there are also other options…

Qatar Airways Business Class – 2 for 1 sale

Qatar Airways is currently offering 2 for 1 on long haul Business Class flights from various European starting points, including Amsterdam, Oslo and Copenhagen.

qatar airways business class sale

While you obviously have to buy two tickets, the “per head” prices are, as a result, proving to be pretty good. By way of example, Amsterdam to Dubai is around €1080 all-in return, while Phuket is €1190.

You need to book by 29 April, and travel between 16 June and 10 December 2015.

A full list of the available prices from Amsterdam is as follows: (more…)

Are these the cheapest ever non-mistake Business Class fares from Europe to Asia?

We recently highlighted the superb value that could be had in the Qatar Airways one week sale, that ends on 19 April, 2015, for travel up to 10 December, 2015.

qatar airways offers

The stand out fare in this has to be the Oslo to Bangkok Business Class return, which is priced at a quite staggering 9,052 NOK (£776/€1082/$1152). That is little more than Economy Class prices, for a Business Class flight with the excellent Qatar Airways.

But is it actually available at all at this price? (more…)

Qatar Airways global sale – long haul Business Class from €1060 (£770) all-in

Qatar Airways has just commenced a one week global sale, running from today until 19 April, 2015. You can pick and choose your starting point and destination, and we have spotted some excellent deals, including Amsterdam to Bangkok at a fantastic €1350 all-in return (£980).

qatar business class

Oslo to Bangkok Business Class return is also available at around the £1060 (£770) mark.

Qatar Business Class is an excellent product, and a return to Thailand for little more than €1000, even when it needs a relocation flight to Amsterdam or Oslo, is a steal (London to Bangkok is £1760: not a bad price in itself).

Other stand out offers included in this sale are: (more…)

2-for-1 Qatar Airways Business Class sale continues: even crazier prices from mainland Europe

We recently posted on a fantastic 2-for-1 Business Class sale from the UK (London, Manchester or Edinburgh) to selected destinations worldwide.

qatar airways business class

While this UK sale has now ended, Headforpoints has reported that it is now being offered from Amsterdam (a new Qatar route, beginning on 16 June), with even better prices.

In short, book a Qatar Airways Business Class ticket by the end of 27 March 2015 to selected destinations worldwide (including Dubai at €1010 return, and Bangkok at €1060 return), and you’ll get the second free.

Currently available fares include (all in return): (more…)

Qatar Airways 1 week sale – Business Class and Economy fares reduced

Qatar have launched another big sale, offering a week-long discount on long-haul returns from the UK (and worldwide) in both Economy and Business Class.

qatar airways business class sale

You need to book these fares by 31 March, and travel generally valid from 1st April – 10th December 2015, with the full restrictions (including blackout periods) available here. This is a global sale, and options from other countries (including the USA) are set out below.

Stand out prices from the UK are as follows: (more…)

UK: 2-for-1 on Qatar Airways Business Class flights

Until 23 March 2015, book a Business Class ticket from the UK (London, Manchester or Edinburgh) to selected destinations worldwide and you will get a second ticket free.

qatar airways sale

You need to travel from 17 April to 30 June 2015.

With Business Class return flights starting at just £3,160 for two people (Hong Kong is an excellent £3,545 for two from London, and Perth £4,715 for two) there is clearly scope for a bargain here.

The full list of destinations and starting prices is as follows: (more…)



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