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Some free and easy Avios points – for those BA flights

As previously noted, BA will fly to Malta from March 2014.

If you plan to fly BA, then you really should be signing up for the (free) BA Executive Club, which enables you to collect Avios frequent flyer points.


In addition to being a BA Executive Club member, you should also sign up for a (free) standard Avios account at www.avios.com. You can transfer points between your Executive Club account and standard Avios account, and it will give you more earning/redemption opportunities.

Once you are signed up to Avios.com, one such opportunity is currently available to you on Facebook, where you can earn around 650 Avios very easily.

To do so, simply search (in the Facebook search bar) for “Avios suitcase” and “Avios suitcase SA” and then install the apps on your Facebook page. By clicking on various buttons on the app (it’s fairly obvious), you will then earn Avios. Click all the options on both (Avios suitcase and Avios suitcase SA) and you will earn around 650 Avios.

A couple of points to note:

  • you need a UK address to join Avios.com. However, given that you can administer everything online, you can just put in the address of a friend, relative or whomever. It really doesn’t matter.
  • The above Facebook app will make all sorts of strange postings to your Facebook wall. If this bothers you, when you are presented with the “share” option by Facebook, change the “who can see this?” setting to “only me”.

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