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Maltatransfer.com – a positive review (and discount reminder)

On a recent trip to London, I decided to try out maltatransfer.com for my journey to and from MLA.

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I live seconds from a hotel in Sliema, so used that as the pick up point (you can be picked up from a hotel, or one of various landmarks all over the island).

Overall, it was a very positive, and excellent value, experience.

The pick up was on time (in fact the driver was early), and we got to the airport well in advance of my flight. I suppose the only slight issue here was an 0845 pick-up for an 1115 flight is giving you a little too much time: but better too early than too late, and maltatransfer of course has to cater for other pick-ups.

To some extent you get what you pay for, and following my pick-up we did then have to trawl around St Julians and then Sliema (again) to collect a couple of other people, but that has to be expected – you are taking a shuttle service here, not a taxi.

Coming back was fantastic – I was on the Air Malta flight landing at 12:40am, so didn’t fancy hanging around the airport – and I didn’t have to. As soon as I left the baggage hall, the (friendly) driver was ready to leave. Passenger-wise, it was just me in an enormous mini bus, so essentially a spacious taxi service!

I was travelling in the off-season (October), so I would imagine the pick-up and drop off journeys could be considerably longer in peak season (in particular, there’s no way maltatransfer would have made any money on my 1am, €7 solo ride back to Sliema). However, based on my experience, my overall impressions were very favourable.

The service was on-time, efficient and friendly (not things you can always take for granted with the leisure industry in Malta). My other concern was finding the driver, but the instructions were very easy to follow (pick up and drop off at a designated hotel, airport meeting at the easy-to-find maltatransfer.com waiting room).

Crucially, it was also excellent value. With my discount code the return trip from Sliema was €14. That compares to around €40 return by taxi.

All in all, if you don’t mind your journey taking a little longer than the taxi, and sharing it with others, it’s highly recommended. Compared to the bus (with it’s winding route, and constant stop-starts), it is well worth the extra cash.

Don’t forget that you can get a discount of around 10-15% on your maltatransfer.com booking by entering “maltapoints” in the promo code box. 

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