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An Air Malta Flypass update – focus groups

Last night I attended a focus group on Flypass, at which a group of Flypass members were encouraged to give candid views on the programme.


Obviously what was said at the focus group was confidential, and it’s really not my business to be reporting the specifics of it on Maltapoints. However, I can say that the evening was extremely well run (it was managed by an independent, outsourced company who clearly specialised in this area). All those present were able to give their full and frank views on Flypass (and rest assured we all did), and you really felt like you were being listened to.

As such, what is now clear is that Air Malta is now taking very serious steps to consider (and, I would imagine, subsequently implement) a credible frequent flyer programme.

I have no further information on dates, scope, name, alliances etc etc (and frankly I am not sure Air Malta does either), but needless to say, watch this space.



  1. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    I received my Flypass “Permanent” card last week. Happy days….apart from the fact that they’ve truncated my first name.

    Charles has become Les.

    If they can’t sort out the little things, it is unlikely that they will be able to upgrade their IT systems to allow for online reward booking etc.

    Of course the miles required for a “free flight” are ridiculous anyway. The upgrade from Y>C is the only way that I’ve been spending my miles.

    Let’s see if the Miles and More things happens. I’d quite fancy getting status back in Star Alliance as both of my main Star programs have/or will defect to oneworld.

  2. Maltapoints says:

    Les – love it.

    I agree with you. Flypass has become so neglected by Air Malta that it’s a little worrying to think of it suddenly becoming a more technically involved and detailed programme. That said, we can only hope they would throw sufficient resources at it to ensure that any newly established (online? surely) programme does function as it should. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    I would also hope that any new programme gave you some real value for your miles – clear statements of where you can go with your mile haul, tax payable, discounts on redemptions etc. As things stand, I think a lot of people feel that their KMiles are little more than an on-scree number. We will see…

    I think the M&M link-up remains a possibility (and if we want a fully functioning, user-friendly programme it is probably our best hope), but what is clear is that Air Malta is currently considering all options, and nothing appears to be set in stone.

  3. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    It is interesting, as Raffles has highlighted on HfP, that Frequent Flyer schemes are deemed to have an inherent value in their own right. The Etihad purchase of Air Berlin’s Top Bonus Scheme (and subsequent assistance to Air Serbia) as well as the way that Lufthansa has pushed Miles and More onto most of the other carriers that it has “helped” means that there is a possibility that there could be one deal for KMiles and another for the airline.
    Who knows.

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