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US to Europe flights – continued availability at $150

While the debate continues over whether Ryanair will commence transatlantic flights*, it’s worth remembering that budget airlines are already offering “low cost” flights between Europe and the US.

wow air boston

The most aggressive operator here is almost certainly the Icelandic carrier, WOW Air.

WOW grabbed the headlines by offering some short-lived $99 fares, but continues to offer bargain basement prices on transatlantic flights, including (at the time of writing) fares from the US (Boston Logan) to Iceland at just $150.

With return flights starting at $190, that prices a US-Iceland flight at as little as $340 return:

wow air boston

Of course, you need to bear in mind you’re flying to Iceland here. If you want the bright lights of Oxford Street or the Champs Elysee, you’re going to have to pay more and fly more (WOW themselves fly on to various other European destinations, but prices obviously rise accordingly). That said, Iceland is a fantastic destination in itself, and if Boston airport is convenient for you, then I would take a $340 return fare in a heartbeat.

WOW Air also fly to Europe from Washington (BWI). One way flights to Iceland start at $179, with returns from $432.

What is WOW like?

I have never flown with them, so I can’t really comment. Here are WOW’s “promises” to you, however.

In short, I’d expect the full low-frills experience, but I wouldn’t hesitate to book at these prices if the dates suited me. It’s also worth noting that the emergence of WOW as a low-cost Europe to US carrier, in addition to Norwegian Air and Jet2.com’s entry into the market,

*They almost certainly will at some point in the next few years, but as an entirely new entity rather than under the “Ryanair” brand. 

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  1. scott says:

    convinced friends to go to iceland this summer, just gotta be careful if you’re booking through a 3rd party site when it comes to making sure you know the fees and purchasing baggage fees up front vs at the airport/gate.

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